Missing the Mark

Did you ever go to take out the trash and find trash lying around the perimeter of the trash can? Sometimes I find about half as much trash in the floor around the can as I find actually in the can! I tell my teenagers that they need to take their time and be a little more careful and they always say "Well we tried to get it into the can; I guess me just missed it a little bit.". The problem is that they (and sometimes my wife and I as well) are throwing our trash in the general direction of the trash can, not in the trash can! We get in a hurry and don't watch what we're doing as we should!
I believe we do the same thing in our Christian lives. I think we get in a hurry and don't always do as we should. In the Bible, Paul cautions against missing the mark. I don't think missing the mark is a blatant, purposeful sin, but a thoughtless, hurried, not doing things just right kind of thing. We're living our lives in the general direction of righteousness, but not taking the time to be exact about it. It's like the trash thing,... close, but not right in it! That is a dangerous (not to mention lazy) way for Christians to live! The Lord is looking for a spotless church without wrinkle or blemish, not a fairly clean, only slightly wrinkled church that doesn't have too many spots on it!
The Bible says that it's the little foxes that spoil the vines. We need to take a close look at ourselves and make adjustments; A bunch of little things can add up to a great big thing! We won't miss the mark so often if we take better aim!

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