MaybeI just don't understand.
I lay my hands on the sick and pray for them in the name of the Lord expecting them to recover, but you tell me that God doesn't heal anymore, that all those things passed away with the apostles and the early church. I believe I will receive what I pray for when I pray and you label me "name it and claim it" and say it doesn't work like that. I look excitedly forward to the Rapture of the Church and you mock me and say I'm an escapist.
How many verses of my Bible do I need to mark out with my permanent marker because God doesn't do that anymore? How many pages do I need to tear out to purge my reading of things I shouldn't do anymore because those things have passed away? How many of the things Jesus did (remember, 'these things I do, ye shall do'?) should I just forget about trying to do because he didn't mean that literally? I don't think I understand.
Maybe God doesn't do that anymore because he wants to do that through us and we've quit doing anything! Maybe those things have have passed away because when you don't use it, you lose it! Maybe we say he didn't mean that literally to mask the fact that we just don't have faith to believe in anything anymore!; or maybe I just don't understand.
Jesus said "Many good works I shewed you from my Father, for which of those works do you stone me?". Enough stones already!; the proof is in the pudding! If people are being healed, it is God who is healing them, even if you say it can't be done! If people's prayers are being answered, it is God answering them, for all good things come from him! If we choose to believe "every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" and God is honoring our faith, just pass on by and leave us to our folly! He will judge us when the time comes and I am quite alright with that.

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