Would you like to meet someone who would never walk out on you for any reason? Someone who wouldn't just pretend to be your friend to get what they could out of you? Someone who would really stay with you through rags or riches, sickness or health, good times or bad? Someone who would stand beside you no matter who was looking? Someone who would never turn their back on you when someone they thought was better came along? Someone who would never abuse you (physically or emotionally or sexually) and would keep anyone else from doing those things as well? Someone who would give their life for you to protect you from anything bad? Someone who you could turn to even in the middle of a cold, dark, rainy night and know they would be there immediately. Someone who would tell you the truth and never keep secrets from you? Someone who you could confide in without fear of either them thinking badly about you or telling someone else? Someone who has could actually do anything you asked them to do because they are unlimited in ability and knowledge? Someone who would love you and ask nothing more than your love in return?
Someone like that exists. His name is Jesus and he's looking to meet you. Let me introduce you; Friend, this is Jesus; Jesus, this is my friend. They're looking for what I was looking for when someone introduced me to you. Help them as you've helped me. Love them as you've loved me. Protect them as you've protected me. Help them get past all the junk they've heard or read or imagined, so they can see the real you.

Consider yourself introduced. You're in good hands now.

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