We don't need answers....

Have you read the book of Job lately? A lot of people don't like to read Job because they really don't know what to make of it.We read the Bible looking for answers and this book seems to raise more questions than it give answers! The book of Job can be a tough read!
Job and his friends talk and talk about why they think Job is having such horrible problems. His friends are very accusative and Job is at a total loss as to why these things have happened. He begins to despise the day he was born. Sound familiar? While most of us have never been through what Job went through, we have been in that place where things are so tough that we wish we had never been born at all! After God lets them run their mouths, he comes on the scene to speak. He lets Job know that he is God and that he didn't have (or need) Job's help in creating the world and everything that has been created. He lets Job know that he and his friends are wrong in their thinking. You would think that at that point, God would say something like, "You are all wrong in your opinions about why these things have happened. Here is the real reason why.....", and then proceed to tell them why. But God doesn't do that. He never really gives them the answer!
I think the reason I enjoy reading the Book of Job is that it doesn't give answers. It lets us know that there aren't always easy answers to be had. Sometimes things happen in life that seem pointless, meaningless, and we never figure out why they were allowed to happen! The book affirms God's righteousness, faithfulness, power and glory and let's us know that he is in control and we should trust him always!
I learned something a long time ago that has helped me through many hard times. I see that same lesson being taught to Job; We don't always need the answers..., sometimes we just need to know that God hears our questions! It is enough for me to know that when I pray, when I cry out, God hears me. He hears me and he loves me. He is in control of my life and I can trust him. He may work things out in a strange way, but he will always work things out for my good! That's where I find true peace!
Read Job again and keep in mind that God is truly God and he is working behind the scenes on your behalf. No matter what befalls you, trust in him and he will make things right again. A s matter of fact, just like in Job's case, he will make things better than they ever were before!

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