Accentuating our Differences

As I have stated before, I don't like religion. I am a Christian, but I'm not religious. Religion is man's way to get right with God and it doesn't work. There is only one way to be right with God and that is to follow his plan of righteousness through Jesus. The Bible says that if we try any other way we are "thieves and robbers". Religion has caused more wars, more deaths, more trouble to the human race than just about any other thing I can think of. It is outrageous what things people have done to other people "in the name of God"! I can promise you this; God had absolutely nothing to do with it!
It seems that if you want to get people to agree with you and do some hideous thing to other people (that no man in his right mind would normally consent to do!) all you have to do is put it into a religious context and declare that you are doing it "in the name of God" or "for God's glory"! Good people will do horrible things, thinking they are doing God's will, because they are ignorant of God's true will and believe the teachings of "Men of God" who lead them astray. In the Dark Ages people weren't allowed to read the Bible and see God for themselves. They had to listen to "religious leaders" who told them what God wanted. We are blessed these days to be able to read and study the scriptures and find out for ourselves the will of God. There is no excuse to be fooled anymore!
Religion divides people. Religion accentuates our differences. Our differences shouldn't matter. Jesus has commanded us to love each other. We are to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you"! We are to "love our enemies". These aren't religious statements, they are Jesus' commands. In the Christian faith alone there are so many "affiliations" that it's become ridiculous. We accentuate our differences by the name on the sign over our door! There is only one church!; the Church of the LORD Jesus Christ! I'm not talking about a "denomination", I'm talking about the body of Christ! Everyone who believes that Jesus is the son of God and confesses him as their Saviour and abides in his words is a member of the body of Christ. It's that simple! Any division of that body is man's idea, not God's!
When most people think of religion, they think of God. When I think of religion, I think of satan. Religion is his most productive tool and religious people are his easiest targets. Religion is the epitome of the "divide and conquer" strategy! The reason the Church isn't getting things done these days isn't because we lack money, or resources, or satellites, or cable stations, or missionaries. We have allowed religion to divide us! We can't seem to do anything as a body! The people we are trying to influence for God are looking at our arguing and infighting and they want nothing to do with it. Who could blame them!?
I don't believe in a national religion. I don't believe Christianity should be legislated as our national religion! No one should be forced to worship God in any particular way. I believe Jesus is the only way, but I don't have the right to force you to agree! God doesn't force people, he gave them free will so that when they do choose him, it means something! I won't be bullied into a religion and I won't have anything to do with bullying anyone else!
We need to put an end to religion and worship God in Spirit and in Truth. We need to come together as the family of God that we are and get his work done! The Kingdom of God is at hand.

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