Did you ever wonder why God didn't just scrap the whole deal when Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden? Ever wonder why He didn't destroy satan and all the angels who fell and start fresh from square one? I've often wondered these things and thought that if I were God, I would have considered it much easier to get rid of the old and start again. But, then, I'm not in the habit of trying to second-guess God.
I think the answer to those question may be very simple; God is not a quitter! God created the Earth and all that is in it, therefore, it is His. I know from the Bible that God is a jealous God (not jealous the way we tend to think of). It's just that God wants what is rightfully his! He will not allow what is his to be stolen. In the story of the shepherd whose one sheep had gone astray, the shepherd left the ninety-nine and went after the one. Why?, because he owned one hundred sheep and one hundred sheep was what he was determined to keep! I believe that is a picture of God. He wants what is his; not ninety-nine percent of what is his, but one hundred percent of what is his! And He is not willing to give in or give up on anything!
Adam and Eve were his, the Earth was his, all the animals were his, and I believe He intends them to ultimately be what He first planned for them to be. Now as for me, I think it's kind of like the "should I build a house or remodel a house?" question. Everyone knows that it is easier to start from scratch than it is to repair someone's mistakes! But that is the human way of thinking. God had a plan of restoration before one was ever needed! And in order for it to be a true restoration, everything has to be put back into it's original condition. Hence, a new Heaven and a new Earth as well as new creatures in Christ Jesus!
As for satan, God is not into strong-arm tactics, that is satan's thing. God is not a power-monger. God triumphs by love and truth, these never fail. God could bring us all to our knees, along with satan and all his angels, but what would that prove - the strong always win over the weak? That's not a God, that's a bully!
Anyway, those are just some things to ponder on.

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