The word "servant", which basically means someone who serves, has taken on such a demeaning connotation that I don't know if people (especially Christians) know what it really is anymore. Some Christians seem to belittle themselves with the word (maybe thinking it is humble sounding) while others dodge servanthood like the plague!
Being a servant doesn't mean that you are "less than" anyone else or "not as good" or "beneath" anyone. We are all called to serve. I serve God, my creator. I serve Jesus, my King. I serve my wife, my family, my community, my church. etc. But that doesn't make me a doormat to walk on. It doesn't make me less important than everyone else. It should never be a demeaning word. Jesus said that anyone who wanted to be great must be servant of all!
In the dynamics of the Kingdom of Heaven, being a servant merely means being a part of the kingdom. Only servants are admitted into the Kingdom. I am a servant, but I am also family. I am Jesus' brother and God's son (created, not begotten). I serve, but I am also a prince in the Kingdom. I am joint-heir with my brother Jesus and will someday inherit the Earth and rule (with my brothers and sisters) under him when the New Jerusalem comes down, bringing the Kingdom of God to Earth.
Being a servant is a lifestyle and it's the lifestyle of the Kingdom.

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