I was just watching Oprah and she had people on her show with real-life stories. One man had been in an accident and had broken his back and was in a coma for 3 months. To make a long story short, he came out of the coma and was walking, even though the doctors said he never would. Great story!
But, never one time did he (or his wife, or Oprah) say "Thank God " or "God must have been watching over me" or "It was a miracle of God". Are people so hard-hearted that they refuse to believe in God even when He saves their lives and brings them through such tragedy? Do they really think it was just luck?
How can anyone live their lives hoping they are "lucky enough" to make it through the day? What a terrifying life that would be. There are things out there that I can't handle and I can't expect to be "lucky" every day. I need Jesus.
Thank God I can trust Him for my life every day

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