When bad things happen

Why do bad things happen to good people? That is a question you hear quite often. Sometimes it is a legitimate question asked by someone going through a tough time or watching a loved one go through a tough time. But, many times it is just a veiled complaint against God or even an atheist's attempt to prove that God doesn't exist.
There could be many reasons why bad things happen to good people. First of all, we live in a world of free will and some people choose to be bad people and do bad things. When bad people do bad things, they usually do those bad things to good people. No man is an island, everything we do has an impact of some kind on other people. Besides that, there is a supernatural enemy loose in the world, satan. His job is to tempt people to act on their fallen natures, to live according to their emotions and wrong way of thinking. He does his job very well and, unfortunately, we don't often resist him.
But I believe there is another reason and we don't see it because we haven't completely renewed our minds. Bad things sometimes happen to good people because God isn't interested in making good people, He is interested in making perfect people. His will is to bring us to perfection because He is perfect. "He who has begun a good work in you shall finish it..." lets us know that God will not leave us the way He found us. He will take us on to perfection because He loves us. We get to a point in our Christian lives where we feel like we're pretty good folks and we get complacent. We decide we are good enough. God doesn't accept good enough. If he has to force us out of our comfortable place with some uncomfortable things, then He will! God doesn't force people to do anything, but He sure can make things uncomfortable for his children until they decide to get in line. I am thankful that my God loves me enough to nudge me on, because I, for one, get lazy. I want to be perfect because I want to be like Him and I know that I need His help every day!

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