God's friend

I am a Christian...., but I'm much more than that. I am a friend of God! Oh, it's not true because I say it is. He says it is. He calls me his friend! I am a friend of God!! I admit that there are times when I'm not much of a friend, but if He says I'm his friend, then I can accept that and be grateful (and extremely honored!).
I am Jesus' brother. You may say, hey, you've gone too far now! But Jesus was the firstfruits of many brethren. If we believe in Him as Saviour, we are born of God's Spirit and that makes us Jesus' brothers and sisters! We are members of God's own family!!
The bible says that, as believers, we are new creatures in Christ Jesus. Have you ever really explored what that means? New creatures! We have become creatures such as have never been before. We have bodies of flesh that we us to effect our surroundings on earth, we have a soul that allows us to imagine, choose and feel emotions, but we also have a spirit that is born of God's own Spirit! Whatever is born of flesh is flesh, but whatever is born of spirit is spirit. We are spirit beings such as have never existed! There has never been anything like us before!
Just some thoughts this Saturday morning as I meditate on God's word and the wonderfulness of His grace.

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