Illegal Alien

The country seems to be split these days over the issue of illegal aliens. The extremes on one side think we should open our borders and let everyone in and the extremes on the other side think we should close our borders and keep everyone out. The rest of us are somewhere in the middle, I suppose. But those particular illegal aliens are not who I'm thinking about this morning.
Instead, I'm thinking about the greatest illegal alien ever, namely, satan. Maybe you don't think of him as being an illegal alien, but you should! Think about it; he was tossed out of his home country for trying to take control of the government and when that failed, he stole the governing authority over Earth by half-truths, outright lies and deception! He is the original illegal alien!
Now I am in no way saying that people from other countries who sneak into the USA are devils. I am just drawing on the headlines to make a point. People are not our enemies. We have an enemy, the enemy of our souls. We tend to either give him too much credit or refuse to believe he exists, both of which allow him to rule over us. And that is exactly how he can rule, we let him! Because he stole authority by deceptive means, his authority is illegal. Because the Earth was created for us, not him, he is an alien here. He is the epitome of the illegal alien ,and yet we put up with his shenanigans! Where are all the crowds protesting his illegal presence? He is a thief, a liar, and a murderer; he is stealing our health, enslaving our children in drug use and pornography, causing strife in our homes and destroying marriages every day! Where is the public outcry!?
Maybe we don't think there's anything we can do about him. Or maybe we really don't believe he exists. Disbelief in evil has never made evil go away! And there certainly is something we can do!
We have authority over satan; his authority over us has been nullified by the cross of Jesus Christ! But we must exercise our authority over him and that is what we have failed to do.There is an old saying that goes "you deserve anything you allow"! We have allowed his illegal authority long enough, it is time to act.

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