The Heart of a Fool

Psalms 14:1 "The fool has said in his heart, 'There is no God'." (NASB)

I have often wondered why people fight so hard to prove that there is no God. They go to extreme lengths to say "There is no God". They are willing to take a much greater leap of faith to believe against God than they accuse us of taking when we say there is a God! Most, if not all, of the so-called "proofs" against God's existence have been shot full of holes by the same science that we have always been accused of denying! The outright anger one runs into when talking about God's existence is overwhelming. Some people not only don't believe in God, they don't want anyone to believe in God and they're determined to prove that he does not exist at any cost!
I have come to understand that it's not just God that these people are against. It's not, as they proclaim, that they think religion is pure superstition or that man "made God up" to solve mysteries they could not solve. I believe the reason is as old as the world itself; people don't want to be ruled over! People don't want to be told what to do! Just as the people cried out in one of Jesus' parables "we will not have him rule over us!", so people are crying out still today. If there is a God, then he surely has the right to tell us what to do. If he created us and is watching over us every day from Heaven, he has the right to expect our obedience. People want to do "whatever is right in their own eyes" and not be told what is right and what is wrong. If they can disprove God, man can rule over himself without battling their conscience.
Not believing in God will never make him not exist. It's like a child who puts his hands over his face and thinks that no one can see him! God is, always has been and always will be! I AM THAT I AM is his name! Science and archeology are continuously proving the Bible true. The day is coming when there will be enough proof for anyone because we will be standing before God. He will be right there in front of us! Wouldn't we feel foolish saying "I didn't know you were real."?!

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