Better to Rule in Hell...

I heard a man say on TV that he didn't want to go to Heaven when he died, he wanted to go to Hell because all his friends would be there. He went on to say that Heaven would be dull, just floating around on little clouds and playing harps all day long. He figured that he and his friends would party together in Hell and satan would lead them in all the debauchery they could stand.At first I thought he was joking around, but the longer I watched, the more I saw that he was serious!
About one millisecond after too late, this man is going to get the surprise of his life (or afterlife, actually). I would never make light of someone going to Hell, it's just that it seems so ludicrous that someone, anyone, could think like that! It breaks my heart that people actually think Hell is going to be fun! It is a place of eternal judgment and wanting to go there is absurd!
It's one thing to not believe in Heaven and Hell, but to believe that they exist and be so misinformed is a whole other kind of foolish. Who goes around telling people things like that? And why would anyone believe them?! The Bible clearly teaches that Heaven is a place of rest and reward and that Hell is a place of judgment and punishment.
I can understand people not believing in Hell. I can understand their rationale that God is too loving to send people to burn forever and ever. They are terribly mistaken, but I can see where their coming from. The Bible is plain when it tells us that God does not send people to Hell, they choose Hell when they reject God. It is not God's desire that any human go to Hell, but that everyone would turn to him and allow him to save them.
It is satan's lie that he will rule Hell. I know the old saying that is attributed to him, "Better to rule in Hell than serve in Heaven". I don't think that even he believes that. satan will be tormented in Hell more than anyone there. He won't be ruling, partying or enjoying the warm climate. He will be burning forever and ever with no hope of escape. I don't think he will even be aware that anyone else is there. As a matter of fact, I think suffering all alone is one of Hell's worst attributes!
Please!... if you know anyone who believes that they will party in Hell with their friends, tell them the truth! If you've already told them, tell them again! I know they don't want to hear the truth and they'll probably laugh at you and maybe even get angry, but do it anyway.They're worth the effort.

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