I believe there is a heaven and a hell. I believe that anyone who does not accept Jesus as their personal Saviour will go to hell. They won't be sent there, they will go there by choice. We all have heard the good news about Jesus and we all have made our free choice as what to do with him. Therefore, we have made our choice between heaven and hell on our own.
You may believe that there is no heaven, no hell and no God. That is your right. You may believe that I am wasting my life. That is my right. But, let's look for a moment at what happens if we are wrong.
If I am wrong and there is no God, no heaven, no hell, and I spend my entire life serving someone who doesn't exist, then I have wasted my life. But, if there is no after-life, no judgment, no reward or punishment, and I just vanish away, never to be anything ever again, what difference does it make that I have wasted my life? If I stop existing how can I ever regret having wasted my life? If I stop existing, what do I care what anyone thinks about me having wasted my life?! What do I care if I am remembered as a fool who wasted their life believing in something that didn't exist?! I will be gone and have no memory, no regrets, no sorrow whatsoever!
If you are wrong and there is a God, a heaven and a hell, then you will have to answer for your wrong decision. You will have no excuse before God. You won't be able to say "I didn't know" or "No one told me about you". You will have chosen hell and there will be no escape from your decision. You will "exist" forever in eternal torment with never an end in sight. There will be an eternity to regret your life.
Is it worth the risk? Is it worth the calculated gamble? I don't think so! I'm not serving God just to avoid hell, but it sure is an added bonus!
You may say, "I just don't believe that a real, loving God would allow someone to burn in hell for eternity.". Not believing in something doesn't make it go away. The Bible is plain. It is a word of warning as much as a word of hope. Please don't gamble with forever; it's not worth the risk. And there's no do-over.

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